7th International Conference on Combustion Science and Processes (CSP’22)


The 7th International Conference on Combustion Science and Processes (CSP’22) invites you to propose a symposium.

The proposed symposium, if accepted, will be co-located with and under the umbrella of the conference.

Proposals by prospective chairs should be submitted to and will be evaluated by the Organizing and Scientific Committees. Upon approval, the Organizing Committee will disseminate the news through the conference website and call for papers. To obtain a high attendance, we kindly ask that the prospective chairs also publicize the event and personally contact researchers who they think will be interested to contribute. The minimum number of registered presenters for the event to take place is 7. Should attendance reach this minimum requirement, registration fees for the Chair will be waived.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

We are pleased to announce the following dedicated Symposium which will take place during the 7th International Conference on Combustion Science and Processes (CSP’22).

Symposium 1: Computational Modelling of Combustion Processes

Symposium Chair:
Dr. Guido Saccone
Italian Aerospace Research Centre, Italy


The proposed symposium deals with investigations of combustion processes, carried out through numerical methodologies, ranging from zero-dimensional chemical, kinetic analysis up to three-dimensional, full scale, turbulent, multispecies, complex geometry systems simulations performed with both commercial and in-house RANS, LES and DNS CFD codes.
Some relevant topics, covered by this symposium are:

  • simulation strategies;
  • numerical solution of coupled and mathematical stiff systems of differential equations;
  • prediction of ignition and extinction phenomena for premixed and diffusion flames;
  • analysis of combustion dynamics and instabilities;
  • evaluation of interactions between laminar flames and acoustic waves or other perturbations;
  • investigation of flames transient and oscillatory behaviour;
  • verification of chemical kinetic schemes and turbulent combustion models;
  • validation of numerical-theoretical models against experimental data.


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